Animal Science Graduate & Undergraduate Research Poster Session

On April 8, 2022, the Esposito Lab attended the 4th Annual Animal Science Graduate & Undergraduate Research Poster Session. Our visiting scholar PhD student, Larissa Silva, and master’s student, Nick Thompson, both presented their current work. Dr. Debora Esposito was one of the judges for the event. Held at Talley Student Center at NC State University in Raleigh, attending this event allowed some of us working at the NC Research Campus in Kannapolis, to visit main campus for the first time.

Larissa’s poster, “A standardized flavonoid-rich extract of Moringa oleifera for treating chronic inflammatory diseases: from farm to pharmacy,” focused on part of research that will be covered in her final thesis. She said, “The opportunity to present a poster at this session was significant to me because I was able to answer critical questions about my research. This allowed me to think from a different perspective about what I was presenting. This experience will help me elaborate on the arguments of my thesis and open my mind to future research opportunities. I am very grateful.”

Nick’s poster, “Effects of brassinosteroids in ovo injections on weight and hatchability in chickens,” also focused on research that will be included in his final thesis. The poster highlighted his results after completing his first in ovo chicken feed trial, where he injected brassinosteroid samples into the amnion to see if this increased body mass and muscle synthesis.

Awards were announced at the closing of the event. For undergraduates, a first-place award for best poster. For master’s and PhD students, the top two posters were recognized and for each category, a People’s Choice award was given. We are proud to announce, Larissa won the People’s Choice Award for her poster in the PhD Graduate Student category! This award was voted on by the attendees of the event. Congratulations to both Larissa and Nick for their hard work and courage.