2022 In Vitro Biology Meeting

The 2022 In Vitro Biology Meeting (SIVB) was held in San Diego from June 4-7. With much consideration of the current state of COVID-19, it was decided the conference would be held both in-person and virtually to accommodate all participants. Many exciting events were organized throughout the days including award acknowledgments from past years, oral and poster presentations, workshops and more. There were plenty of opportunities to learn about new research projects and network with scientists from other countries and disciplines. This year, Dr. Esposito and her visiting scholar, PhD student Larissa Silva (UFRN/PPgDITM) were able to attend the conference in-person.

To aid Larissa in her travels to San Diego, she was awarded the Wilk Endowment Travel Award through North Carolina State University’s Animal Science Department. This award allowed her to experience SIVB and San Diego for the first time.

On June 6, Larissa was scheduled to orally present during the In Vitro Animal Cell Sciences Student and Post-Doctoral Oral Presentation Competition section of the conference. Her presentation, “A Flavonoid-rich Extract of Moringa oleifera (Moringaceae) Leaf Cultivated in Brazil Inhibited Inflammatory Mediators in Lipopolysaccharide-treated Macrophages” won her honors of being selected first place! She competed against two other prestigious individuals. We are very proud of her hard work.

On June 7, Dr. Esposito was scheduled to orally present during The Art and Science of Cell Imaging section of the conference. She presented “Discovery and Development of Wound Healing Agents from Natural Sources-Brassinosteroids and Beyond.” She was also listed as a convener for this section of the Animal Symposium, representing North Carolina State University proudly.

As for the virtual sections of the meeting, our visiting scholar, professor Dr. Silvana Zucolotto pre-recorded an audio version of her presentation, “A flavonoid-rich extract of Bryophyllum pinnatum leaf (Crassulaceae) has potential wound healing properties.” This was a thoughtful opportunity offered by SIVB. The members of the Esposito Lab enjoyed the conference, the ability to make connections through networking, and are looking forward to the 2023 SIVB.