Buchi Mini Spray Dryer B-290: The Buchi Spray Dryer enables us to process a broad range of samples, transforming liquids into submicron particles while maintaining the integrity of the desired bioactives.
EVOS FL Auto Cell Imaging System: The EVOS allows us to perform live cell imaging. The EVOS FL is capable of analyzing a wide array of plates. EVOS provides high quality imaging and allows for high throughput analysis in both automated and manual configurations. It is even capable of video recording. Additionally, an attached chamber provides the option for altered physiological conditions, including hypoxic, controlled temperature and humidity, and atmospheric conditions.
Realtime PCR StepOnePlus: The Esposito lab frequently performs both cell and tissue-based gene expression assays using our StepOnePlus quantitative RT-PCR equipment.
Synergy H1 Microplate Reader: The lab utilizes the H1 Microplate Reader to accurately quantify and qualify samples using fluorescence.
BD Accuri C6 Flow Cytometer: Lab applications include cell counting, cell sorting, and biomarker detection.
SimpliAmp Thermal CyclerSimpliAmp Thermal Cycler: The lab frequently uses the thermo cycler for RNA to cDNA synthesis and amplification for use in qRT-PCR.
Labconco LyophilizerLabconco Lyophilizer: This instrument is used for freeze drying applications, which allow the lab to create powders or desiccate samples for long term storage.